entrance Definition

  • 1an opening, such as a door, passage, or gate, that allows access to a place
  • 2the act of entering a place
  • 3the right, permission, or power to enter a place

Using entrance: Examples

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  • Example

    The entrance to the building was guarded by security.

  • Example

    She made a grand entrance at the party.

  • Example

    I don't have an entrance ticket for the concert.

  • Example

    He gained entrance to the club with his membership card.

entrance Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using entrance

  • to arrive somewhere in a noticeable or impressive way


    She made an entrance at the party wearing a stunning red dress.

  • a ramp leading onto a highway or expressway


    The entrance ramp to the highway was closed due to construction.

  • entrance requirements

    the qualifications or criteria needed to gain admission to a school or program


    The entrance requirements for the medical school are very strict.

Phrases with entrance

  • a test taken by students seeking admission to a school or college


    She studied hard for the entrance exam to get into her dream university.

  • a payment required to enter a place or participate in an event


    The entrance fee to the amusement park is quite expensive.

  • a large room or area near the entrance of a building


    The entrance hall of the hotel was decorated with beautiful paintings.


Summary: entrance in Brief

The term 'entrance' [ˈɛntrəns] refers to an opening that allows access to a place, the act of entering a place, or the right to enter. It can be used in various contexts, such as gaining access to a building or event, or taking an entrance exam. Phrases like 'entrance fee' and 'entrance hall' are common, while idioms like 'make an entrance' and 'entrance requirements' are also used.

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