environmental Definition

relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition.

Using environmental: Examples

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    Environmental pollution is a serious problem.

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    The company has implemented several environmental policies.

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    The environmental impact of the project needs to be assessed.

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    She is an environmental activist.

environmental Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with environmental

  • the study of the natural world and how humans interact with it


    He is pursuing a degree in environmental science.

  • measures taken to preserve and protect the natural world from harmful human activities


    The government has introduced new laws for environmental protection.

  • environmental sustainability

    the ability to maintain the natural world and its resources for future generations


    The company is committed to achieving environmental sustainability.


Summary: environmental in Brief

The term 'environmental' [ɪnˌvaɪrənˈmɛntl] refers to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition. It is often used in phrases like 'environmental pollution' and 'environmental policies,' and in contexts like 'environmental science' and 'environmental sustainability.' 'Environmental' is synonymous with 'ecological,' 'green,' and 'conservationist,' and antonymous with 'unsustainable,' 'polluting,' and 'destructive.'

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