escalator Definition

a moving staircase consisting of a series of steps that rise or fall continuously on an endless belt.

Using escalator: Examples

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    I took the escalator to the second floor.

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    The airport has several long escalators.

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    The escalator was out of order, so we had to take the stairs.

escalator Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for escalator

  • moving stairs
  • travelator
  • conveyor belt stairs

Phrases with escalator

  • a clause in a contract that provides for automatic adjustments in wages, prices, etc., based on changes in certain economic indicators


    The union negotiated an escalator clause in their contract that would increase their wages if inflation rose above a certain level.

  • an escalator that moves downward


    The down escalator was broken, so everyone had to use the stairs to get to the lower level.

  • an escalator that moves upward


    The up escalator was crowded, so I decided to take the stairs instead.

Origins of escalator

from Latin 'scala', meaning 'stair'


Summary: escalator in Brief

An 'escalator' [ˈɛskəleɪtər] is a moving staircase that continuously rises or falls on an endless belt. It is commonly found in public places like airports and shopping malls. The term 'escalator' can also be used in phrases like 'escalator clause,' which refers to a contract provision for automatic adjustments based on economic indicators.

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