evermore Definition

  • 1for all future time; for always
  • 2continuously; increasingly

Using evermore: Examples

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  • Example

    She promised to love him evermore.

  • Example

    The popularity of the band grew evermore with each album release.

  • Example

    The sun shone evermore brightly as the day wore on.

evermore Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with evermore

  • evermore and a day

    a very long time


    I will love you evermore and a day.

  • continuously growing or expanding


    The company's profits were evermore increasing.

  • feeling thankful or appreciative for a long time


    I am evermore grateful for your help.


Summary: evermore in Brief

'Evermore' [ˌevərˈmɔː(r)] means 'for all future time' or 'continuously.' It is often used to express permanence or constancy, such as in 'She promised to love him evermore,' or to describe something that is continuously increasing, like 'The popularity of the band grew evermore with each album release.'