exploit Definition

  • 1to use or develop something for profit or progress in an unfair or unethical way
  • 2to make use of a situation or treat someone unfairly in order to gain an advantage or benefit
  • 3a bold or daring feat

Using exploit: Examples

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  • Example

    The company was accused of exploiting its workers.

  • Example

    He exploited his father's connections to get the job.

  • Example

    She was able to exploit her opponent's weakness and win the game.

  • Example

    The spy's mission was to exploit the enemy's weaknesses and gather information.

exploit Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using exploit

  • to take full advantage of an opportunity or situation


    She decided to make the most of her vacation by traveling to different countries.

  • strike while the iron is hot

    to take advantage of an opportunity while it is still available


    The entrepreneur decided to strike while the iron was hot and launch his new product.

  • play into someone's hands

    to do something that helps someone else achieve their goals


    The politician's controversial remarks played into his opponent's hands and helped him win the election.

Phrases with exploit

  • to take advantage of someone's weakness or susceptibility


    The scammer exploited the elderly woman's vulnerability and stole her life savings.

  • to take advantage of a technicality or ambiguity in a law or system


    The wealthy businessman exploited a tax loophole to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes.

  • exploit natural resources

    to use natural resources for economic gain


    The government allowed foreign companies to exploit the country's oil reserves.

Origins of exploit

from Old French 'esploit', meaning 'a deed, action, military operation'


Summary: exploit in Brief

The verb 'exploit' [ikˈsplɔɪt] refers to the unfair or unethical use of something or someone for profit or progress. It can also mean taking advantage of a situation or treating someone unfairly to gain an advantage. 'Exploit' can be used in phrases like 'exploit a loophole' or 'exploit natural resources,' and idioms like 'make the most of something.'