expressive Definition

  • 1relating to the expression of thoughts or feelings
  • 2full of meaning or feeling
  • 3able to convey emotion through words or actions

Using expressive: Examples

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    Her paintings are very expressive and full of emotion.

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    He has an expressive face that makes it easy to tell what he's feeling.

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    The dancer's movements were incredibly expressive.

expressive Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with expressive

  • showing or representing something


    The painting is expressive of the artist's sadness.

  • art forms that emphasize the process of creating art as a means of self-expression


    The school offers classes in expressive arts such as painting, dance, and theater.

  • a communication disorder in which a person has difficulty expressing themselves through speech or writing


    Children with expressive language disorder may have trouble forming sentences or finding the right words to use.


Summary: expressive in Brief

The term 'expressive' [ɪkˈsprɛsɪv] refers to the ability to convey thoughts or feelings through words or actions. It can also describe something that is full of meaning or feeling. Examples include paintings, faces, and movements that are expressive. Phrases like 'expressive of' and 'expressive arts' expand on the concept, while 'expressive language disorder' refers to a communication disorder. Synonyms include 'emotional' and 'communicative.'

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