extraction Definition

  • 1the process of removing or taking out something, especially by force or effort
  • 2the action of taking out a tooth or organ from a living body

Using extraction: Examples

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    The extraction of oil from the ground is a complex process.

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    The dentist performed an extraction on my wisdom tooth.

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    The extraction of minerals from the earth is a major industry in many countries.

extraction Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with extraction

  • the process of retrieving data from various sources for further processing or analysis


    The company hired a team of experts to perform data extraction from their customer database.

  • the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone


    The dentist recommended tooth extraction to alleviate the patient's pain.

  • the process of isolating DNA from cells or tissues for further analysis


    The lab technician performed DNA extraction from the blood sample provided by the patient.


Summary: extraction in Brief

Extraction [ɪkˈstrækʃən] refers to the process of removing something, often by force or effort. It can also refer to the removal of a tooth or organ from a living body. Examples include the extraction of oil, minerals, and data. 'Tooth extraction' is a common medical procedure to alleviate pain.