facet Definition

  • 1one side or aspect of something, especially of a person's character or personality
  • 2a small, flat surface on a jewel, especially one of several on a cut gemstone

Using facet: Examples

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    The issue has many facets that need to be considered.

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    Her personality has many facets, some of which are not immediately apparent.

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    The diamond had many facets that sparkled in the light.

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    The gemstone was expertly cut with many facets to enhance its brilliance.

facet Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for facet

Phrases with facet

  • multi-faceted

    having many different aspects or features


    The problem is multi-faceted and requires a comprehensive solution.

  • facets of life

    different aspects or dimensions of life


    Exploring the different facets of life can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself.

  • facets of a diamond

    the flat surfaces on a diamond that reflect light and give it its brilliance


    The jeweler carefully cut each facet of the diamond to maximize its sparkle.

Origins of facet

from French 'facette', diminutive of 'face', meaning 'face'


Summary: facet in Brief

The term 'facet' [หˆfรฆsษชt] refers to one side or aspect of something, such as a person's character or a jewel's surface. It can be used to describe the many dimensions of an issue or the various features of a person's personality. Phrases like 'multi-faceted' and 'facets of life' emphasize the idea of multiple aspects. 'Facet' is often used in the context of gemstones, where it refers to the flat surfaces that reflect light and enhance the stone's brilliance.