feature Definition

  • 1a distinctive attribute or aspect of something
  • 2a part of the face, such as the eyes, nose, or mouth

Using feature: Examples

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  • Example

    The new car has many safety features.

  • Example

    The main feature of this phone is its camera.

  • Example

    The movie's special effects were a major feature.

  • Example

    Her best feature is her smile.

feature Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using feature

  • to play a significant role in something


    Her research featured prominently in the conference proceedings.

  • to emphasize or highlight something as an important or distinctive aspect


    The restaurant makes a feature of its locally sourced ingredients.

  • feature (someone) as

    to prominently include or showcase someone in a particular role or context


    The movie features Tom Hanks as the lead actor.

Phrases with feature

  • a full-length movie intended for theatrical release


    The studio's latest feature film was a box office success.

  • a detailed and informative article on a particular topic or person, usually published in a newspaper or magazine


    The newspaper's feature article on climate change sparked a lot of discussion.

  • a news story or article that focuses on a particular person, event, or issue in depth


    The magazine's feature story on the refugee crisis won a Pulitzer Prize.

Origins of feature

from Old French 'faiture', meaning 'make, construction'


Summary: feature in Brief

The term 'feature' [ˈfiːtʃə] refers to a distinctive attribute or aspect of something, such as the safety features of a car or the special effects of a movie. It can also refer to a part of the face, like the eyes or mouth. 'Feature' extends into phrases like 'feature film,' and idioms like 'make a feature of,' emphasizing or highlighting something as important or distinctive.

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