defect Definition

  • 1a shortcoming, imperfection, or lack that causes someone or something to be incomplete or faulty
  • 2to abandon one's country or cause in favor of an opposing one

Using defect: Examples

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    The product was recalled due to a manufacturing defect.

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    The team's defense had a major defect that led to their loss.

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    He defected to the enemy's side during the war.

defect Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using defect

  • to break away from a group or society and form one's own path


    She decided to defect from the herd and pursue her own dreams, despite the disapproval of her family.

  • to compensate for a shortcoming or weakness


    Her hard work made up for her lack of experience, compensating for the defect in her resume.

  • a lapse or failure in one's ability to remember something


    His defect of memory caused him to forget important details about the incident.

Phrases with defect

  • a physical or mental abnormality present at birth


    The baby was born with a heart defect.

  • a negative trait or flaw in a person's personality


    His lying was a major defect of character.

  • defect of vision

    a visual impairment or disorder


    She had a defect of vision that required corrective lenses.

Origins of defect

from Latin 'defectus', meaning 'failure'


Summary: defect in Brief

The term 'defect' [dɪˈfɛkt] refers to shortcomings or imperfections that cause incompleteness or faults. It can describe physical or mental abnormalities, as in 'birth defect,' or negative traits, as in 'defect of character.' 'Defect' can also mean to abandon one's country or cause in favor of an opposing one, as in 'He defected to the enemy's side during the war.' Idioms like 'defect from the herd' and 'make up for a defect' extend its usage.

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