weakness Definition

  • 1the state or condition of lacking strength
  • 2a particular thing that one is unable to do well or in which one lacks ability
  • 3a quality or feature regarded as a disadvantage or fault

Using weakness: Examples

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  • Example

    His weakness for sweets led to weight gain.

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    The company's financial weakness was exposed during the recession.

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    Public speaking is my greatest weakness.

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    The team's defense was their biggest weakness.

weakness Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using weakness

  • the tendency to give in to physical desires or pleasures, especially those that are considered sinful or immoral


    He struggled with the weakness of the flesh and often gave in to temptation.

  • an addiction to alcohol


    He had a weakness for the bottle and couldn't go a day without drinking.

  • a vulnerability or flaw in a plan or system that can be exploited by others


    The security system had a weakness in the armor that allowed hackers to access sensitive information.

Phrases with weakness

  • a strong liking or desire for something, often to an excessive degree


    She has a weakness for chocolate and can't resist it.

  • play to someone's weaknesses

    to take advantage of someone's vulnerabilities or shortcomings


    The opposing team knew our defense was weak, so they played to our weaknesses and scored several goals.

  • a feeling of physical or emotional weakness that causes one's knees to feel unsteady or shaky


    When she saw her favorite celebrity in person, she felt a weakness in the knees and had to sit down.

Origins of weakness

from Middle English 'weknesse', from Old English 'wēacnes'


Summary: weakness in Brief

The term 'weakness' [ˈwiːknəs] refers to the state of lacking strength, ability, or quality. It can describe a physical or emotional condition, such as 'The team's defense was their biggest weakness,' or a personal preference, like 'His weakness for sweets led to weight gain.' 'Weakness' extends into phrases like 'play to someone's weaknesses,' and idioms like 'the weakness of the flesh,' denoting a tendency to give in to physical desires or pleasures.

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