bottle Definition

  • 1a container, typically made of glass or plastic and with a narrow neck, used for storing drinks or other liquids
  • 2the amount held by a bottle; a bottleful

Using bottle: Examples

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    She filled the bottle with water.

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    He drank a whole bottle of wine.

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    The baby refused to take the bottle.

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    I need to buy a new bottle of shampoo.

bottle Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bottle

Phrases with bottle

  • a message written on a piece of paper and put inside a bottle, which is then thrown into the sea or a river


    The movie 'Message in a Bottle' is about a woman who finds a love letter in a bottle.

  • to drink alcohol excessively


    After his wife left him, he started hitting the bottle every night.

  • a bottle with a nipple used for feeding babies


    She warmed up the milk and put it in the baby bottle.

Origins of bottle

from Old French 'boteille', from medieval Latin 'butticula', diminutive of 'buttis', meaning 'cask


Summary: bottle in Brief

A 'bottle' [ˈbɑːtl] is a container, usually made of glass or plastic, with a narrow neck, used for storing liquids. It can also refer to the amount held by a bottle. Examples include 'She filled the bottle with water.' and 'I need to buy a new bottle of shampoo.' Phrases like 'message in a bottle' and 'hit the bottle' add figurative meanings to the term.

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