familial Definition

  • 1relating to or occurring in a family or its members
  • 2inherited from a parent or ancestor

Using familial: Examples

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  • Example

    The familial bond between siblings is strong.

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    She has a familial history of heart disease.

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    The company is run by a familial team of executives.

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    The familial atmosphere at the restaurant made me feel at home.

familial Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with familial

  • a relationship between family members


    Their familial relationship was strained after the argument.

  • a duty or responsibility that arises from being a member of a family


    He felt a familial obligation to take care of his elderly parents.

  • the love and affection shared between family members


    Her familial love for her children was evident in everything she did.

Origins of familial

from French 'familial', from Latin 'familia' meaning 'household'


Summary: familial in Brief

'Familial' [fəˈmɪliəl] refers to anything related to or occurring within a family. It can describe relationships, obligations, or even diseases inherited from ancestors. Examples include 'The familial bond between siblings is strong,' and 'She has a familial history of heart disease.'