fashionable Definition

characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a current popular trend or style.

Using fashionable: Examples

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    She always wears the most fashionable clothes.

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    The restaurant is very fashionable among young people.

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    This year's color is very fashionable.

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    He is always up-to-date with the latest fashionable trends.

fashionable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using fashionable

  • the world of fashion and style


    She is very knowledgeable about the fashionable world.

  • a group of people who are fashionable and stylish


    She belongs to the fashionable set in the city.

  • a time of day when it is fashionable to be seen in public


    The fashionable hour for socializing is between 5 and 7 pm.

Phrases with fashionable

  • a group of people who are interested in and follow the latest fashion trends


    She was part of the fashionable society in New York.

  • a disease that is currently prevalent or popular


    COVID-19 has become a fashionable disease.

  • colors that are currently popular or trendy


    This year's fashionable colors are blue and green.

Origins of fashionable

from French 'façonnable', meaning 'suitable'


Summary: fashionable in Brief

The term 'fashionable' [ˈfæʃənəbl] refers to something that is characteristic of or influenced by a current popular trend or style. It can describe clothing, colors, or even diseases that are currently popular. 'Fashionable' is often used to describe people who are up-to-date with the latest trends, and it extends into phrases like 'fashionable society' and idioms like 'fashionable world.'

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