feasible Definition

  • 1possible to do easily or conveniently
  • 2likely; probable

Using feasible: Examples

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    It is not feasible to complete the project within a week.

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    The proposed plan is feasible and can be implemented.

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    It is feasible to travel by train instead of by plane.

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    The idea of starting a new business seems feasible.

feasible Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with feasible

  • able to be done in a way that is not too expensive


    The company decided to invest in the project because it was economically feasible.

  • a practical and effective way to solve a problem


    After considering all options, we came up with a feasible solution to the issue.

  • an analysis of a proposed project or plan to determine if it is practical and achievable


    Before investing in the new venture, the company conducted a feasibility study to assess its viability.

Origins of feasible

from Old French 'faire', meaning 'to do'


Summary: feasible in Brief

The term 'feasible' [ˈfiːzəbl] refers to something that is possible to do easily or conveniently, or likely and probable. It is often used to describe practical and workable solutions or plans, as in 'The proposed plan is feasible and can be implemented.' 'Feasible' extends into phrases like 'economically feasible,' denoting cost-effectiveness, and 'feasibility study,' referring to an analysis of a proposed project's practicality.

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