ferocious Definition

savagely fierce, cruel, or violent.

Using ferocious: Examples

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    The ferocious lion roared loudly.

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    He has a ferocious temper when he's angry.

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    The storm was so ferocious that it uprooted trees and destroyed houses.

ferocious Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with ferocious

  • an intense hunger or desire for food


    After the long hike, I had a ferocious appetite and ate everything in sight.

  • a highly competitive situation where competitors are aggressive and ruthless


    The tech industry is known for its ferocious competition, with companies fighting tooth and nail for market share.

  • a violent and aggressive assault


    The enemy launched a ferocious attack on our position, but we were able to repel them.

Origins of ferocious

from Latin 'ferox', meaning 'fierce'


Summary: ferocious in Brief

The term 'ferocious' [fəˈrəʊʃəs] describes something that is savagely fierce, cruel, or violent. It is often used to describe animals, weather, or people's behavior. Examples include 'The ferocious lion roared loudly,' and 'He has a ferocious temper when he's angry.' 'Ferocious' can also be used in phrases like 'ferocious appetite' and 'ferocious competition,' denoting intense hunger or ruthless competition.

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