finality Definition

  • 1the state, quality, or fact of being final; conclusiveness
  • 2something that is final; a final act, decision, or judgment

Using finality: Examples

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  • Example

    The finality of the judge's ruling left no room for further appeals.

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    The signing of the peace treaty marked the finality of the long and bitter conflict.

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    The company's decision to close the factory was a painful finality for the workers.

finality Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with finality

  • a feeling or impression that something has come to an end and cannot be changed or undone


    The announcement of his retirement gave the team a sense of finality.

  • an attitude or manner that conveys a strong sense of conclusiveness or decisiveness


    Her tone of voice had an air of finality that made it clear the discussion was over.

  • the irrevocable and permanent nature of death


    The finality of death is a difficult concept for many people to accept.


Summary: finality in Brief

Finality [fahy-nal-i-tee] refers to the state or quality of being conclusive, decisive, or irrevocable. It can refer to a final act, decision, or judgment, such as 'The finality of the judge's ruling left no room for further appeals.' The term also encompasses phrases like 'sense of finality' and 'air of finality,' which describe feelings or attitudes that convey a strong sense of conclusiveness.