flabby Definition

  • 1soft and loose, especially on a person's body
  • 2lacking in force or effectiveness

Using flabby: Examples

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  • Example

    She had flabby arms after losing weight.

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    The company's flabby performance led to its downfall.

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    His argument was flabby and unconvincing.

flabby Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with flabby

  • flabby muscles

    muscles that are weak and lacking tone


    He needs to exercise more to get rid of his flabby muscles.

  • reasoning that is weak and unconvincing


    Her essay was full of flabby reasoning and lacked any real substance.

  • skin that is loose and lacking firmness


    After losing a lot of weight, she was left with flabby skin on her stomach.


Summary: flabby in Brief

The term 'flabby' [ˈflæbi] describes something that is soft and loose, particularly when referring to a person's body. It can also mean lacking in force or effectiveness, as in 'His argument was flabby and unconvincing.' Synonyms include 'slack,' 'droopy,' and 'weak.' Phrases like 'flabby muscles' and 'flabby reasoning' extend the concept to specific contexts.

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