flavor Definition

  • 1the taste of a particular type of food or drink
  • 2a distinctive quality or feature

Using flavor: Examples

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  • Example

    This ice cream has a strong vanilla flavor.

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    I love the flavor of fresh herbs in my cooking.

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    The wine has a fruity flavor with hints of oak.

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    The cake has a rich chocolate flavor.

flavor Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for flavor

Phrases with flavor

  • something that is currently popular or fashionable


    Virtual reality is the flavor of the month in the tech industry.

  • add flavor to

    to enhance the taste of something by adding a particular ingredient or seasoning


    I like to add garlic and ginger to my stir-fry to add flavor.

  • having a strong or rich taste


    This soup is full of flavor thanks to the spices and herbs.

Origins of flavor

from Old French 'flaur', meaning 'smell, odor'


Summary: flavor in Brief

The term 'flavor' [ˈfleɪvər] refers to the taste or distinctive quality of food or drink. It can be used to describe the essence or characteristic of something, as in 'The book has a unique flavor.' Phrases like 'flavor of the month' denote something currently popular, while 'add flavor to' means to enhance the taste of something. 'Full of flavor' describes something with a strong or rich taste.

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