flavoring Definition

a substance used to give a particular taste to food or drink.

Using flavoring: Examples

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    Vanilla is a common flavoring for ice cream.

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    The sauce has a strong garlic flavoring.

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    The chef added some herbs as a flavoring to the soup.

flavoring Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for flavoring

Phrases with flavoring

  • a flavoring that is derived from natural sources, such as fruits, vegetables, or spices


    The company uses only natural flavorings in their products.

  • a flavoring that is made from synthetic chemicals to mimic the taste of natural flavors


    The candy contains artificial flavorings that give it a fruity taste.

  • a flavoring that is in liquid form, often used in baking or cooking


    The recipe calls for a few drops of liquid flavoring to enhance the taste of the cake.


Summary: flavoring in Brief

The term 'flavoring' [ˈfleɪvərɪŋ] refers to a substance used to give a particular taste to food or drink. It can be natural or artificial, and can come in various forms such as liquid or powder. Examples include vanilla flavoring for ice cream and herbs as a flavoring for soup.

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