flowering Definition

the process of producing flowers.

Using flowering: Examples

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    The flowering of the cherry trees is a beautiful sight in spring.

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    The plant needs proper care to ensure good flowering.

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    The garden is in full flowering now.

flowering Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for flowering

Phrases with flowering

  • a plant that produces flowers


    Roses are one of the most popular flowering plants.

  • the period during which a plant produces flowers


    The flowering time of this plant is from May to July.

  • a shrub that produces flowers


    The azalea is a popular flowering shrub.


Summary: flowering in Brief

The term 'flowering' [ˈflaʊərɪŋ] refers to the process of producing flowers. It is used to describe the blooming of plants, such as the cherry trees in spring, and can also refer to the period during which a plant produces flowers. 'Flowering' is often associated with plants, such as flowering shrubs and plants, and requires proper care for optimal growth.