flushed Definition

having a red face or cheeks because you are hot, ill, embarrassed, or angry.

Using flushed: Examples

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    She was flushed with anger when she heard the news.

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    He had a flushed face after running for an hour.

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    Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment.

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    The patient's face was flushed due to fever.

flushed Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with flushed

  • flushed with success

    feeling very proud and happy because of a recent success


    After winning the championship, the team was flushed with success.

  • having a lot of money


    He was flushed with cash after receiving his bonus.

  • wasted or lost


    All his hard work was flushed away when he failed the exam.


Summary: flushed in Brief

The term 'flushed' [flʌʃt] describes a red face or cheeks due to heat, illness, embarrassment, or anger. It can also be used in phrases like 'flushed with success,' indicating pride and happiness, or 'flushed with cash,' meaning having a lot of money. 'Flushed away' is a phrase that means wasted or lost.