forsake Definition

  • 1abandon (someone or something)
  • 2renounce or give up (a belief, principle, or way of life)

Using forsake: Examples

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  • Example

    He had forsaken his wife and children.

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    She refused to forsake her principles.

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    I will never forsake you, no matter what happens.

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    The company was forced to forsake its expansion plans due to financial difficulties.

forsake Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with forsake

  • forsake all others

    a promise made by a person getting married to remain faithful to their partner and not have any other romantic relationships


    In their wedding vows, they promised to forsake all others and remain faithful to each other.

  • to renounce material possessions and worldly desires in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment


    The monk decided to forsake the world and live a life of solitude in the mountains.

  • to abstain from physical pleasures and bodily desires in pursuit of spiritual purity


    The ascetic monk believed that one must forsake the flesh in order to attain spiritual enlightenment.

Origins of forsake

from Old English 'forsacan', meaning 'to refuse, deny'


Summary: forsake in Brief

'Forsake' [fərˈseɪk] means to abandon someone or something, or to renounce a belief, principle, or way of life. Examples include 'He had forsaken his wife and children' and 'She refused to forsake her principles.' Phrases like 'forsake all others' and 'forsake the world' denote promises of faithfulness and spiritual pursuits, respectively.