forth Definition

  • 1forward in time, place, or order
  • 2out from a starting point and forward into view
  • 3into existence or notice

Using forth: Examples

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  • Example

    He stepped forth to greet us.

  • Example

    The sun came forth from behind the clouds.

  • Example

    She brought forth a new idea for the project.

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    The truth will eventually come forth.

forth Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using forth

  • back and forth

    moving repeatedly in opposite directions


    The argument went back and forth for hours without any resolution.

  • bring forth fruit

    to produce good results or benefits


    The new policies have brought forth fruit in terms of increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • to speak at length on a particular subject


    The professor held forth on the history of the Roman Empire for over an hour.

Phrases with forth

  • and so forth

    used to indicate that a list continues with similar items


    We need to buy milk, bread, eggs, and so forth.

  • bring forth

    to produce something, especially something new or original


    The company is planning to bring forth a new product line next year.

  • to start a journey or trip, or to explain or describe something in a clear and detailed way


    We set forth early in the morning to avoid the traffic.

Origins of forth

from Old English 'forð', meaning 'forward'


Summary: forth in Brief

'Forth' [fɔːθ] means moving forward in time, place, or order, and coming out from a starting point into view. It can also mean bringing something into existence or notice, as in 'She brought forth a new idea for the project.' The phrase 'and so forth' indicates that a list continues with similar items, while 'back and forth' refers to moving repeatedly in opposite directions.

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