forthright Definition

  • 1directly frank without hesitation; outspoken
  • 2going straight to the point; proceeding in a straight course

Using forthright: Examples

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  • Example

    She gave a forthright answer to the question.

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    He was known for his forthright manner of speaking.

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    The company's CEO made a forthright apology for the mistake.

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    The politician's forthright speech won him many supporters.

forthright Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with forthright

  • to be honest and direct about something


    I think it's important to be forthright about your feelings.

  • a way of speaking or behaving that is honest and direct


    Her forthright manner often got her into trouble with her colleagues.

  • a personality that is characterized by honesty and directness


    His forthright personality made him a great leader.

Origins of forthright

from Middle English 'forthriht', meaning 'proceeding straight ahead'


Summary: forthright in Brief

The term 'forthright' [ˈfɔːθraɪt] describes someone who is direct, frank, and honest without hesitation. It can also refer to something that proceeds in a straight course, such as 'The company's CEO made a forthright apology for the mistake.' 'Forthright' is often used in phrases like 'be forthright about something' and 'forthright manner,' which describe honest and direct behavior.