forthwith Definition

immediately; without delay.

Using forthwith: Examples

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  • Example

    The manager ordered the employee to leave forthwith.

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    The company will take action forthwith to address the issue.

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    Please respond to this email forthwith.

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    The police demanded that the protesters disperse forthwith.

forthwith Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for forthwith

Phrases with forthwith

  • immediately, without any waiting or postponement


    The company will take action forthwith and without delay to address the issue.

  • forthwithness

    the quality of being immediate and without delay


    The manager appreciated the employee's forthwithness in responding to the urgent request.

  • immediate implementation or enforcement of a decision or order


    The new policy will come into forthwith effect starting next month.

Origins of forthwith

from Middle English 'forth with', meaning 'along with that' or 'immediately after that'


Summary: forthwith in Brief

'Forthwith' [fɔːθˈwɪθ] means immediately and without delay. It is often used in formal contexts to convey urgency or importance, as in 'The manager ordered the employee to leave forthwith.' 'Forthwith' can also be used in phrases like 'forthwith and without delay,' and 'forthwith effect,' which denote immediate action or implementation.