foster Definition

  • 1encourage or promote the development of (something, typically something regarded as good)
  • 2to take care of a child as a foster parent
  • 3to encourage or help grow

Using foster: Examples

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    The company fosters a culture of innovation and creativity.

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    She has been fostering neglected children for years.

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    The teacher's role is to foster learning in their students.

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    The government is taking steps to foster economic growth.

foster Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for foster

Idioms Using foster

  • to encourage or nurture a feeling or idea


    The coach tried to foster the flame of teamwork among the players.

  • foster mother/father

    a person who acts as a parent to a child in foster care


    The foster mother provided a stable and loving home for the child.

  • foster brother/sister

    a child who is not biologically related to another child but is raised in the same foster family


    The two foster sisters grew up together and remained close even after leaving the foster system.

Phrases with foster

  • the system by which a minor who has been removed from their biological parents is placed with a family or group that provides care


    The child was placed in foster care after being removed from their abusive home.

  • a child who is taken care of by someone other than their biological or adoptive parents


    She has fostered several children over the years, providing them with a loving home.

  • a family that takes care of a child as a foster parent


    The foster family provided a safe and nurturing environment for the child.

Origins of foster

from Old English 'fostrian', meaning 'to feed, nourish'


Summary: foster in Brief

The verb 'foster' [หˆfษ’stษ™] means to encourage or promote the development of something, such as a culture of innovation or economic growth. It can also refer to taking care of a child as a foster parent, or encouraging growth in general. Examples include 'She has been fostering neglected children for years.' and 'The government is taking steps to foster economic growth.' Phrases like 'foster care' and idioms like 'foster the flame' extend the concept of nurturing and promoting growth.

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