funeral Definition

  • 1a ceremony or service held shortly after a person's death, usually including the person's burial or cremation
  • 2the business of undertaking funerals

Using funeral: Examples

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    The funeral will be held next week.

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    He works in the funeral industry.

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    She was too upset to attend her father's funeral.

funeral Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for funeral

Phrases with funeral

  • a procession of vehicles or people accompanying a hearse, especially at a funeral


    The funeral procession made its way through the streets of the city.

  • a person who arranges and manages funerals


    The funeral director helped the family plan the service.

  • a business that provides services for the dead and their families, such as funeral services and cremation


    The funeral home was located on the outskirts of town.

Origins of funeral

from Latin 'funus', meaning 'death' or 'funeral rites'


Summary: funeral in Brief

A 'funeral' [ˈfjuːnərəl] is a ceremony or service held after a person's death, often including burial or cremation. It can also refer to the business of undertaking funerals. Examples include 'The funeral will be held next week.' and 'He works in the funeral industry.' Other phrases include 'funeral procession,' 'funeral director,' and 'funeral home.'

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