furnish Definition

  • 1to provide a house or room with furniture and other necessary items
  • 2to supply or give something that is needed or wanted

Using furnish: Examples

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  • Example

    The apartment was furnished with a comfortable sofa and a coffee table.

  • Example

    The company will furnish you with all the necessary equipment.

  • Example

    She furnished the evidence to support her claim.

  • Example

    He furnished the police with information about the robbery.

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    The hotel room was furnished in a modern style.

furnish Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for furnish

Idioms Using furnish

  • to provide the resources or tools necessary to accomplish something


    The government must furnish the means to fight poverty.

  • furnish the details

    to provide specific information or facts about something


    The reporter asked the spokesperson to furnish the details of the new policy.

  • to provide furniture and other necessary items for a room


    We need to furnish the guest room before our visitors arrive.

Phrases with furnish

  • fully furnished

    a property that is rented or sold with all the necessary furniture and equipment


    The apartment is fully furnished and ready for move-in.

  • to provide someone or something with something


    The company furnished us with new laptops.

  • to provide evidence to support a claim or statement


    The lawyer asked the witness to furnish proof of her allegations.

Origins of furnish

from Old French 'fornir', meaning 'to provide, to furnish'


Summary: furnish in Brief

The verb 'furnish' [ˈfɜː.nɪʃ] means to provide a space with furniture and necessary items or to supply something that is needed. It can be used in phrases like 'fully furnished,' 'furnish with,' and 'furnish proof.' Idioms include 'furnish the means,' 'furnish the details,' and 'furnish a room.'