garage Definition

  • 1a building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles
  • 2a commercial establishment where vehicles are repaired, serviced, or parked

Using garage: Examples

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    I keep my car in the garage.

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    The garage is full of tools and equipment.

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    He took his car to the garage for an oil change.

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    The garage charged me $200 for the repair.

garage Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for garage

Phrases with garage

  • a sale of used household belongings, typically held outdoors at the seller's residence


    She made a lot of money from her garage sale.

  • a small musical group that plays mostly for fun and practices in someone's garage


    They started as a garage band and became famous later on.

  • a style of rock music characterized by raw sound, simple chord progressions, and often aggressive lyrics


    Garage rock emerged in the mid-1960s and influenced many other genres.

Origins of garage

from French 'garer', meaning 'to shelter'


Summary: garage in Brief

A 'garage' [ɡəˈrɑːʒ] is a building used for storing or repairing motor vehicles. It can refer to a private space or a commercial establishment. Examples include 'I keep my car in the garage.' and 'He took his car to the garage for an oil change.' 'Garage' also appears in phrases like 'garage sale,' which is a sale of used household items, and 'garage band,' which is a small musical group that practices in someone's garage.

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