gardener Definition

a person who tends and cultivates a garden as a pastime or profession.

Using gardener: Examples

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    My neighbor is a professional gardener and has won several awards for his work.

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    She spends her weekends gardening and considers herself an amateur gardener.

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    The hotel hired a team of gardeners to maintain the grounds.

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    He studied horticulture in college and now works as a gardener.

gardener Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for gardener

Phrases with gardener

  • a title given to individuals who complete a horticultural training program and volunteer to provide gardening education and outreach to their communities


    The local master gardener gave a presentation on organic gardening at the library.

  • a person who grows plants in a container that is placed outside a window


    She doesn't have a yard, so she's become a window box gardener, growing herbs and flowers outside her apartment window.

  • a person who participates in a shared garden space with other members of their community


    The community gardeners meet once a month to discuss plans for the garden and share tips and advice.

Origins of gardener

from Middle English 'gardin', meaning 'garden'


Summary: gardener in Brief

A 'gardener' [ˈɡɑːdnər] is a person who cultivates and maintains gardens either as a hobby or profession. They are responsible for planting, pruning, and caring for plants and flowers. Examples include professional gardeners, amateur gardeners, and those who participate in community gardens. Phrases like 'master gardener' and 'window box gardener' denote specific types of gardening.

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