gather Definition

  • 1to come together, or bring people together, in one place to form a group
  • 2to collect several things, often from different places or people
  • 3to believe that something is true, although no one has directly told you about it

Using gather: Examples

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  • Example

    We will gather at the park for a picnic.

  • Example

    She gathered her things and left the room.

  • Example

    I gathered from his tone that he was not happy with the situation.

  • Example

    He gathered a collection of rare coins over the years.

  • Example

    The storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.

gather Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for gather

Phrases with gather

  • to come together in a group around someone or something


    The children gathered around the teacher to hear the story.

  • to remain unused or neglected for a long time


    The old books have been gathering dust on the shelf for years.

  • gather one's thoughts

    to take time to think about something before speaking or acting


    She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts before answering the question.

Origins of gather

from Old English 'gaderian', meaning 'bring together'


Summary: gather in Brief

The verb 'gather' [ˈɡæðər] means to come together or collect things. It can refer to physical objects, as in 'He gathered a collection of rare coins,' or to people, as in 'We will gather at the park for a picnic.' The phrase 'gather around' denotes coming together in a group, while 'gather dust' refers to neglect or disuse. 'Gather one's thoughts' means to pause and think before speaking or acting.

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