girlish Definition

having the qualities or appearance of a girl, especially in a way that is considered attractive or charming.

Using girlish: Examples

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    She had a girlish giggle.

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    Her dress had a girlish charm to it.

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    She still had a girlish enthusiasm for life.

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    Her face was girlish and innocent.

girlish Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for girlish

Phrases with girlish

  • a slim and youthful female body shape


    She has a girlish figure that makes her look younger than her age.

  • the quality of being attractive or appealing in a youthful and innocent way


    Her girlish charm made her popular among her peers.

  • girlish giggles

    high-pitched and playful laughter that is characteristic of young girls


    The room was filled with girlish giggles as the girls shared their secrets.


Summary: girlish in Brief

'Girlish' [ˈɡəːlɪʃ] describes qualities or appearances that are reminiscent of young girls, often in an attractive or charming way. Examples include 'Her dress had a girlish charm to it.' and 'Her face was girlish and innocent.' Synonyms include 'youthful' and 'childlike,' while antonyms include 'boyish' and 'mature.'

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