goblet Definition

a drinking glass with a foot and a stem, often used for formal occasions or ceremonies.

Using goblet: Examples

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    The king drank from a golden goblet during the ceremony.

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    She filled the goblet with red wine and handed it to him.

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    The restaurant served champagne in crystal goblets.

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    He won a silver goblet as a prize for winning the tournament.

goblet Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for goblet

Phrases with goblet

  • a percussion instrument that is shaped like a goblet and played with the hands


    The musician played a lively rhythm on the goblet drum.

  • a type of squat exercise where the person holds a goblet-shaped weight in front of their chest while squatting


    She added goblet squats to her workout routine to strengthen her legs.

  • a type of cell found in the respiratory and digestive tracts that secretes mucus


    The doctor examined the tissue sample under the microscope and identified the presence of goblet cells.

Origins of goblet

from Old French 'gobelet', diminutive of 'gobe', meaning 'drinking vessel'


Summary: goblet in Brief

A 'goblet' [ˈɡɒblɪt] is a type of drinking glass with a foot and stem, often used for formal occasions or ceremonies. It can be made of various materials, such as gold, crystal, or silver, and is commonly associated with wine or champagne. The term also extends to other contexts, such as the goblet drum, a percussion instrument, and the goblet squat, an exercise.