government Definition

  • 1the group of people who officially control a country
  • 2the system used for controlling a country, city, or group of people

Using government: Examples

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    The government has announced new measures to tackle unemployment.

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    The government is responsible for providing public services.

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    The country's government is facing criticism over its handling of the pandemic.

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    The government has promised to increase funding for education.

government Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using government

  • a government that is seen as too large, powerful, or intrusive


    Some people believe that big government is a threat to individual freedom.

  • to reduce or eliminate government regulations or interference in one's life or business


    Many small business owners want the government to get off their backs and let them operate freely.

  • to discard something valuable along with something undesirable


    Critics of the government's reform proposals argue that they risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Phrases with government

  • the organization responsible for governing a particular area such as a city or town


    The local government is responsible for maintaining the roads and public spaces in the city.

  • the national government of a country, as opposed to the governments of individual regions or cities


    The central government is responsible for setting national policies and laws.

  • a group of people who are not in power but who are preparing to take over the government if necessary


    The opposition party has set up a shadow government to develop alternative policies.

Origins of government

from Old French 'governer', meaning 'to govern'


Summary: government in Brief

The term 'government' [ˈɡʌvənmənt] refers to the group of people who officially control a country, or the system used for controlling a country, city, or group of people. It can be used to describe the national or local level of governance, and is often associated with providing public services and setting policies. Phrases like 'local government' and 'central government' denote different levels of governance, while idioms like 'big government' and 'get the government off one's back' express opinions about the size and role of government.

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