greasy Definition

  • 1covered with or full of fat or oil
  • 2containing an unusual amount of grease or oil
  • 3having a slippery surface

Using greasy: Examples

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  • Example

    The pizza was greasy and oily.

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    He had greasy hair and needed to wash it.

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    The mechanic's hands were greasy from working on the car.

  • Example

    The floor was greasy and slippery.

greasy Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with greasy

  • a small, cheap restaurant or diner that serves simple, often fried food


    We went to a greasy spoon for breakfast and had eggs and bacon.

  • a mechanic, especially one who works on cars


    My brother is a grease monkey and loves fixing up old cars.

  • to make something run more smoothly or easily, often by providing money or other incentives


    We need to grease the wheels if we want this project to be completed on time.


Summary: greasy in Brief

The term 'greasy' [ˈɡriːsi] refers to something covered in or containing an unusual amount of fat or oil, or having a slippery surface. It can describe food, hair, hands, or surfaces, as in 'The pizza was greasy and oily.' 'Greasy' extends into phrases like 'greasy spoon,' denoting a small, cheap restaurant, and 'grease monkey,' referring to a mechanic. The idiom 'grease the wheels' means to make something run more smoothly or easily.

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