guarded Definition

  • 1cautious and having possible reservations or doubts about something or someone
  • 2not showing one's true feelings or intentions

Using guarded: Examples

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  • Example

    She gave a guarded response to the question.

  • Example

    The politician was guarded in his speech.

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    He is guarded around strangers.

guarded Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for guarded

Phrases with guarded

  • being watchful and ready for danger or difficulty


    The soldiers were on guard all night.

  • take precautions to avoid or prevent something harmful or unwanted


    You should guard against making hasty decisions.

  • surprise someone by doing something unexpected


    The sudden noise caught me off guard.

Origins of guarded

from guard, from Old French 'garder', meaning 'to protect'


Summary: guarded in Brief

The term 'guarded' [ˈɡɑːrdɪd] refers to being cautious and possibly doubtful or hesitant about something or someone. It can also mean not revealing one's true feelings or intentions. Examples include 'She gave a guarded response to the question' and 'He is guarded around strangers.' Phrases include 'on guard,' 'guard against,' and 'catch someone off guard.'