against Definition

  • 1in opposition to; contrary to
  • 2in physical contact with

Using against: Examples

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  • Example

    She is against the idea of moving to a new city.

  • Example

    The wind was blowing against the window.

  • Example

    The team played against their biggest rival last night.

against Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with against

  • against the clock

    racing against time to complete something before a deadline


    The chef was cooking against the clock to finish the dish before the restaurant opened.

  • against all odds

    despite very low chances of success or survival


    Against all odds, the small startup managed to become a successful company.

  • contrary to what is usual or expected


    He always goes against the grain and does things his own way.

Origins of against

from Old English 'ongean'


Summary: against in Brief

'Against' [əˈɡenst] is a preposition that denotes opposition or physical contact. It can be used to express disagreement, as in 'She is against the idea of moving to a new city,' or physical contact, as in 'The wind was blowing against the window.' Phrases like 'against the clock' and 'against all odds' use 'against' to denote racing against time or overcoming low chances of success, respectively.

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