hairbrush Definition

a brush with stiff bristles, used for brushing the hair.

Using hairbrush: Examples

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  • Example

    She brushed her hair with a hairbrush before going out.

  • Example

    He bought a new hairbrush to style his hair better.

  • Example

    The hairbrush was tangled in her hair and it took her a while to untangle it.

hairbrush Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for hairbrush

Phrases with hairbrush

  • a hairbrush with a round barrel used for creating curls or waves


    She used a round hairbrush to create loose waves in her hair.

  • a hairbrush with a flat, wide base used for detangling and smoothing hair


    The paddle hairbrush is perfect for detangling long hair.

  • a hairbrush with vents or openings on the base used for blow-drying hair


    The vent hairbrush helps to dry hair faster by allowing air to flow through the brush.


Summary: hairbrush in Brief

A 'hairbrush' [ˈhɛr.brʌʃ] is a tool used for brushing the hair. It has stiff bristles and can be used for styling or detangling hair. There are different types of hairbrushes such as round, paddle, and vent hairbrushes, each with their own specific use.

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