holler Definition

  • 1to shout loudly
  • 2a loud shout or cry

Using holler: Examples

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  • Example

    I heard him holler for help.

  • Example

    She hollered at the kids to come inside.

  • Example

    He gave a holler of excitement when he saw the concert tickets.

  • Example

    The holler of the crowd could be heard from miles away.

holler Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for holler

Phrases with holler

  • to admit defeat or surrender


    After hours of wrestling, John finally hollered uncle.

  • to respond to someone's call or shout


    If you hear me holler, please holler back so I know you're okay.

  • to speak to or address someone in a loud or aggressive manner


    Don't holler at me like that! I didn't do anything wrong.

Origins of holler

from Middle English 'holen', meaning 'to shout'


Summary: holler in Brief

'Holler' [ˈhɑː.lər] is a verb and noun that means to shout loudly or a loud shout or cry. It is often used to get someone's attention or express excitement or frustration. Examples include 'I heard him holler for help' and 'The holler of the crowd could be heard from miles away.' Common phrases include 'holler uncle,' meaning to admit defeat, and 'holler back,' meaning to respond to someone's call.