honorary Definition

  • 1given as an honor without the normal duties or responsibilities
  • 2holding a position for honor only, without payment or other practical benefits

Using honorary: Examples

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  • Example

    He was awarded an honorary degree from the university.

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    She is an honorary member of the club.

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    The mayor made him an honorary citizen of the town.

  • Example

    The retired professor holds an honorary position at the university.

honorary Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with honorary

  • an academic degree conferred to recognize outstanding contributions to a field or society, without fulfilling the usual requirements for that degree


    The university awarded her an honorary doctorate in recognition of her humanitarian work.

  • a title given as an honor, without any accompanying duties or responsibilities


    He was granted an honorary title of 'Professor Emeritus' after his retirement.

  • a membership given as an honor, without any of the usual obligations or privileges of membership


    She was granted honorary membership in recognition of her contributions to the organization.

Origins of honorary

from Latin 'honoris causa', meaning 'for the sake of honor'


Summary: honorary in Brief

'Honorary' [ˈɒnərəri] refers to a position or title given as an honor, without the usual duties or responsibilities. It can be used to describe a person, position, or membership, such as 'She is an honorary member of the club.' 'Honorary' extends into phrases like 'honorary doctorate,' and is often used in formal contexts.