hopefully Definition

  • 1in a hopeful manner
  • 2used to express a desire or wish

Using hopefully: Examples

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  • Example

    Hopefully, we'll arrive on time.

  • Example

    Hopefully, I'll get the job.

  • Example

    Hopefully, the weather will be good for our trip.

hopefully Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with hopefully

  • hopefully yours

    a closing in a letter expressing hope for the recipient's well-being or success


    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Hopefully yours, John.

  • a twist on the traditional 'happily ever after' ending of fairy tales, emphasizing the hope and optimism for a positive future


    The movie ended with the couple walking off into the sunset, hopefully ever after.

  • an expression of hope and anticipation, often used when waiting for news or an outcome


    With fingers crossed and hopefully, she waited for the results of her exam.

Origins of hopefully

from 'hope' + '-ful' + '-ly'


Summary: hopefully in Brief

The adverb 'hopefully' [ˈhoʊpfəli] expresses a desire or wish, often used at the beginning of a sentence. It can also mean 'in a hopeful manner.' Examples include 'Hopefully, we'll arrive on time,' and 'Hopefully, I'll get the job.' Phrases like 'hopefully yours' and 'hopefully ever after' emphasize hope and optimism.

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