illusion Definition

  • 1a false idea or belief, especially about someone or something's true nature
  • 2something that is not really there or is based on a false perception

Using illusion: Examples

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    The magician created the illusion of a floating ball.

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    The company's success was just an illusion.

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    He had the illusion of being in control of his life.

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    The painting creates the illusion of depth.

illusion Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using illusion

  • believing something that is not true or realistic


    He was under the illusion that he could quit his job and become a millionaire overnight.

  • to create a false impression or deceive someone


    The politician tried to cast an illusion of honesty and integrity, but was later exposed for corruption.

  • to reveal the truth behind a false perception or belief


    The scandal shattered the illusion of the company's ethical practices and reputation.

Phrases with illusion

  • an image that appears to be different from what it actually is, often due to the way the brain processes visual information


    The picture is an optical illusion that makes the lines appear curved.

  • a complex and impressive deception or trick


    The heist was a grand illusion, with the thieves using elaborate disguises and fake identities.

  • the perception of having choices when in reality there is only one option or a limited set of options


    The election gave voters the illusion of choice, but both candidates had similar policies and agendas.

Origins of illusion

from Latin 'illusio', meaning 'mockery'


Summary: illusion in Brief

The term 'illusion' [ɪˈluːʒən] refers to a false idea or belief, often about someone or something's true nature. It can also denote something that is not really there or is based on a false perception. Examples include the magician's illusion of a floating ball and the company's success being just an illusion. 'Illusion' extends into phrases like 'optical illusion,' and idioms like 'under the illusion,' denoting false beliefs, and 'shatter the illusion,' revealing the truth.

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