impoliteness Definition

rude or disrespectful behavior.

Using impoliteness: Examples

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    His impoliteness towards the waiter was unacceptable.

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    She was shocked by the impoliteness of her colleague during the meeting.

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    The customer complained about the impoliteness of the salesperson.

impoliteness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with impoliteness

  • a specific instance of rude or disrespectful behavior


    His act of impoliteness towards the teacher resulted in detention.

  • a social environment where rude or disrespectful behavior is normalized


    The culture of impoliteness in the workplace led to a high turnover rate.

  • indirect or subtle rudeness


    Her comment was a veiled impoliteness, implying that I wasn't capable of handling the task.


Summary: impoliteness in Brief

'Impoliteness' [ɪmˈpɒlɪtnəs] refers to rude or disrespectful behavior, and is often used to describe specific instances of such behavior. It can also refer to a broader social environment where such behavior is normalized, as in 'culture of impoliteness.' 'Veiled impoliteness' describes indirect or subtle rudeness.