inflated Definition

  • 1filled with air or gas, causing something to become larger in size or volume
  • 2exaggerated; made to seem more important or impressive than it really is

Using inflated: Examples

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  • Example

    The inflated balloon was ready for the party.

  • Example

    The price of the product was inflated due to high demand.

  • Example

    The politician's claims were inflated and not based on facts.

inflated Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for inflated

Phrases with inflated

  • inflate one's ego

    to make oneself feel more important or superior than others


    He always brags about his achievements to inflate his ego.

  • to fill a tire with air to the recommended pressure level


    I need to inflate the tires of my car before going on a long drive.

  • to increase the value of a currency by increasing the amount of money in circulation


    The government decided to inflate the currency to boost the economy.


Summary: inflated in Brief

The term 'inflated' [ɪnˈfleɪtɪd] can refer to something filled with air or gas, making it larger, such as an inflated balloon. It can also describe something exaggerated or made to seem more important than it really is, like the politician's inflated claims. The phrase 'inflate one's ego' means to make oneself feel more important, while 'inflate a tire' refers to filling it with air. 'Inflate a currency' means to increase its value by increasing the amount of money in circulation.