bloated Definition

  • 1swollen and bigger than usual
  • 2excessively or extremely full
  • 3pompous or overblown in style or language

Using bloated: Examples

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  • Example

    After eating too much, I feel bloated.

  • Example

    The bloated corpse was found floating in the river.

  • Example

    The article was criticized for its bloated language.

bloated Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with bloated

  • software that is excessively large and slow due to the inclusion of unnecessary features or code


    The new version of the app is bloated and takes up too much space on my phone.

  • a government or organization with an excessive number of administrative staff and complex procedures


    The company's bloated bureaucracy made it difficult to get anything done quickly.

  • a budget that is excessively high or contains unnecessary expenses


    The government's bloated budget was criticized by opposition parties.


Summary: bloated in Brief

The term 'bloated' [ˈbloʊ.t̬ɪd] describes something swollen or excessively full. It can refer to physical states like feeling bloated after eating too much, or to non-physical things like bloated language in writing. Phrases like 'bloated software' and 'bloated bureaucracy' describe things that are excessively large or complex.

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