inflexible Definition

  • 1not able to change or be changed; unwilling to alter a decision, opinion, or course of action
  • 2stiff and not easily bent

Using inflexible: Examples

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  • Example

    The company's inflexible policies made it difficult for employees to take time off.

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    He is known for his inflexible stance on immigration reform.

  • Example

    The metal rod was inflexible and would not bend.

inflexible Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for inflexible

Phrases with inflexible

  • a schedule that cannot be changed or adjusted


    I can't attend the meeting because of my inflexible schedule.

  • rigid or narrow-minded thinking that is not open to new ideas or perspectives


    His inflexible thinking prevented him from considering alternative solutions to the problem.

  • a material that is stiff and not easily bent or molded


    The inflexible material of the sculpture made it difficult to create the desired shape.


Summary: inflexible in Brief

The term 'inflexible' [ɪnˈflɛksəbl] refers to something that cannot be changed or altered, or someone who is unwilling to change their mind or course of action. It can also describe something that is stiff and not easily bent, as in 'The metal rod was inflexible and would not bend.' 'Inflexible' is often used in phrases like 'inflexible schedule' and 'inflexible thinking,' and has synonyms like 'rigid' and 'unyielding.'