initiate Definition

  • 1to cause something to begin
  • 2to formally accept someone into a group or organization, usually with a ritual

Using initiate: Examples

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    The company plans to initiate a new marketing campaign next month.

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    The school will initiate a new program for gifted students.

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    He was initiated into the secret society last night.

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    The new member was initiated with a special ceremony.

initiate Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for initiate

Idioms Using initiate

  • to introduce someone to a new activity, group, or organization, often with a formal ceremony


    The fraternity initiated him into their brotherhood with a traditional hazing ritual.

  • to start a conversation with someone


    She tried to initiate a conversation with her new coworker, but he seemed uninterested.

  • to start a new project or undertaking


    The team decided to initiate a new project to improve customer satisfaction.

Phrases with initiate

  • self-initiated

    done or started by oneself without being prompted or instructed


    She took the initiative to start the project on her own, it was self-initiated.

  • initiate legal proceedings

    to start a legal action against someone


    The company decided to initiate legal proceedings against their former employee.

  • to make the first move in establishing communication with someone


    He was hesitant to initiate contact with his estranged father, but eventually decided to reach out.

Origins of initiate

from Latin 'initiare', meaning 'beginning'


Summary: initiate in Brief

The verb 'initiate' [ɪˈnɪʃieɪt] means to start or begin something, such as a project or program. It can also refer to formally accepting someone into a group or organization, often with a ritual. Examples include 'The company plans to initiate a new marketing campaign next month.' and 'He was initiated into the secret society last night.' Phrases like 'initiate legal proceedings' and idioms like 'initiate someone into something' extend the term's usage.

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