insecure Definition

  • 1not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious
  • 2not safe or protected

Using insecure: Examples

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    She felt insecure about her job after the company downsized.

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    The insecure lock on the door made her feel uneasy.

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    His insecurity about his appearance led him to avoid social situations.

insecure Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for insecure

Phrases with insecure

  • a type of attachment style characterized by anxiety and uncertainty in relationships, often stemming from inconsistent or neglectful caregiving in childhood


    Her insecure attachment style made it difficult for her to form close relationships.

  • an investment that carries a high degree of risk and uncertainty


    He decided not to invest in the startup because it was too insecure.

  • insecure website

    a website that is vulnerable to hacking or other security breaches


    The company's insecure website was hacked, compromising customer data.


Summary: insecure in Brief

The term 'insecure' [ˌɪnsəˈkjʊr] refers to a lack of confidence or assurance, leading to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. It can also describe something that is not safe or protected. Examples include feeling insecure about one's job or appearance, or an insecure lock on a door. Phrases like 'insecure attachment' and 'insecure investment' extend the concept into specific contexts.

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