insistent Definition

  • 1demanding that something should happen or be done; not allowing refusal
  • 2continuing for a long time and difficult to ignore or forget

Using insistent: Examples

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  • Example

    She was insistent that he apologize.

  • Example

    He was insistent on finishing the project before the deadline.

  • Example

    The insistent knocking on the door finally woke me up.

  • Example

    The insistent ringing of the phone was driving me crazy.

insistent Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using insistent

  • to demand or require something, often in a forceful or persistent way


    He insisted on being paid in cash.

  • to require or demand something, often in a way that is not negotiable


    The company insists upon strict adherence to safety regulations.

  • to state firmly that something is true or must be done


    She insisted that she was innocent.

Phrases with insistent

  • a request or requirement that is made in a forceful and persistent way


    The insistent demand for better working conditions led to a strike.

  • a tone of voice that is firm and determined, showing that the speaker is not willing to change their mind


    Her insistent voice made it clear that she would not back down.

  • a memory that is difficult to forget and keeps coming back to one's mind


    The insistent memory of her childhood trauma haunted her for years.

Origins of insistent

from Latin 'insistere', meaning 'to stand upon'


Summary: insistent in Brief

The term 'insistent' [inˈsɪstənt] describes someone or something that demands that something should happen or be done, often in a forceful or persistent way. It can also refer to something that continues for a long time and is difficult to ignore or forget. Examples include 'She was insistent that he apologize,' and 'The insistent knocking on the door finally woke me up.' 'Insistent' extends into phrases like 'insist on,' and idioms like 'insist that,' denoting a firm demand or requirement.